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Whoopee HD Cinematic Nano Quad Frame Kit *2ND BATCH OF PREORDER READ*

Whoopee HD Cinematic Nano Quad Frame Kit *2ND BATCH OF PREORDER READ*

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Now taking preorders for the second batch and will be shipped on the 

3rd~4th week of this month (12/18) 









3K Carbon Fiber frame

No Prop view

Supports Rakon Heli 40mm propeller guards or the Beta75x frame guards (not included, purchase separatly)

Uses knurled aluminum standoffs

Top or bottom mounted lipo battery

Tpu camera mount to reduce vibration

Support  16x16 , 20x20 or the diagonally mounted beta75x or mobula stack 

25mm stack height to fit most of your components with ease 

CF are cut along the weave.

6g. CF  only 10g. with hardware




1mm 3K carbon fiber bottom plate

1mm 3K carbon fiber top plate

Size: 92mm MTM 

Knurled black aluminum 25mm m2 standoffs

Flexible TPU 3D printed parts

Supported FC stack bottom plate : 16x16 , 20x20, 36x36 (needs m2 5mm+- standoffs not included)

Top plate have a 20x20 hole pattern for mounting the Runcam split mini2  or Caddx Turtle

Motor hole dimension: 9mm  


Included in the kit:

1pc. CF bottom plate

1pc. CF top plate

3pc. 25mm M2 Knurled aluminum standoffs and screws

3D printed camera mount

3D Printed antenna mount

3D printed battery strap

Prop guards are not included and must be purchased separetly see link below.


Recommended parts:


HGLRC Zeus AIO 20x20 stack or 16x16 stack eg: Super S AIO 

1103 10,000KV motors or higher 

40mm Beta75x 4bladed props or similar

Runcam Split Mini 2 or Caddx Turtle 

Runcam TX20U VTX or similar

Any micro receiver RX or your choice

300~450mah 2S lipo battery

Select Beta75x Kit if you are going to use the Beta75x guards/frame 

Select Rakon Kit Style1 or Style2 if you are to use  the Rakon Heli 40mm Prop guards for 1103 motors. 

Get it here:  Plastic Guards  or Aluminum guards


Build Notes:

-Remember that this is not a direct conversion kit for your Beta75x. This frame supports 20x20, 16x16  and 36x36  so you can use a wide variety of stack , use the one you think that would  work best for your build. The recommended build is just a guidline. 

-Following the recommended build will saves you a lot of headache avoiding  the hassle of sourcing for parts thats can be hard to find.

-Keep your build as light as possible by using lighter components .Proper cable management is also very important to save on weight.

-If you are using a 16x16 or whoop fc stack you will need to mount the 20x20 Runcam Split Mini2 or Caddx Turtle on the top plate unless you are building a straight 20x20 stack

-For Beta75x  prop guards/frame,  you will need to cut them in to 2 or 4  parts using a simple wire cutter (see pic). Make sure you select the Beta75 Kit  on checkout.

-For Rakon Heli prop guards you can use either the plastic or the recommended aluminum version. Make sure to select the Rakon kit on checkout 

-The Beta75x frame/guards have a smaller M1.6 holes vs M2 on the 1103 motors, slightly widening the holes on the plastic  guards will makes motor mounting a breeze.  This only applies to the Beta75x guards and not the Rakon guards.

-Remeber this is a cinematic quad meant for smooth slow HD recording , it was never meant to be as fast as your stock 75X or M7 its just not gonna happen as the weight on the HD camera alone is already at 13g. you can however make it more responsive and punchy by downgrading to a cmos non hd camera or even remove the prop guards and without a prop guards you now have more room for a bigger 48mm props!


Note: Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only and some are not  included with the kit, see product description for details. 


Any Videos?


















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