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UL4 V-Sting V.2 4" Xtreme Race frame *ON SALE*

UL4 V-Sting V.2 4" Xtreme Race frame *ON SALE*

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Tomoquads continues its tradition of high end, light weight, micro quad performance with its newest design, the UL4 V-String 4" Xtreme race frame. Recognizing the rebirth of 4" props in the industry, the UL4 V-string enables you to be on the cutting edge of the racing and freestyle scene,with one of the lightest 4" builds possible! We also have noted that many of you prefer to rip on the 3" props so the UL4 can also be built as a UL3 due to it's feature of replaceable and switchable arms from 3" to 4".

This frame is also designed to take the RunCam Split so that you can have a ripping micro that can film in full HD 1080 at 60fps!

Take your performance build to the next level and preorder your Tomoquad's UL4 V-String 4" Xtreme race frame today!

Tomoquads "Where innovative designs bring performance"



What are the features?

Size: UL3 = 153MTM

        UL4 = 175MTM

True  X frame design

Weight: 36~37g.

Signature V plate are made of Silver colored Carbon fiber.

Replaceable arms 

Supports both 20x20 and 30.5x30.5 FC/ESC stack

Switchable arms from 3" to 4"

Camera is fully tiltable up to 90º

Designed  for VTX02~03  Transmitter 

3D printed accessories are all included with the kit

Carbon fiber arm can be purchased seperately 



 What are the specifications?

3mm carbon fiber main plate  (Cut along the weave for added rigidity)

1mm carbon fiber buttom brace plate 

1.5mm carbon fiber top arm brace plate

1.5mm carbon fiber top plate

1.5mm Silver carbon fiber V shape support plate


What comes with the frame kit?

4pc.  CF arms 

1pc. CF bottom brace plate

1pc. CF top brace plate

2pc. TPU camera mount

Set of mounting hardwares

Premium Battery strap with anti slip coating and metal buckle


What parts do I need to build this?

20x20 or 30.5x30.5  4 in 1 ESC 15A or above 

20x20 or 30.5x30.5  F3/F4 Flight controller , M3 but m2 and m1 will work too

UL3 = 1104~1306 motors

UL4 = 1306~1407 motors

3" ~ 4 " propellers

Runcam Swift Micro or  similar


JST or XT30 plug

3S~4S  high C rating Lipo 


Version Changes:

V2 - New 4 screw motor mount instead of 2 on version 1. This gives you added strength needed for mounting bigger motors.  See pic.


Any videos?


 Build Video:


Quick Release Arm:


FPV video with Runcam Split!


Downloadable 3D Printed Accessories





***  Pictures are for illustration pruposes only 

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