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Trident V2 トライデント Stretched + Racing Frame Kit * See Offer*

Trident V2 トライデント Stretched + Racing Frame Kit * See Offer*

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Limited time offer!

Free extra set of TPU printed accessories valued at $7 



Pierce the competition with the new Tomoquad's Trident! This unique stretched plus racing frame adds a new level of handling that is sure to have you blowing people's minds on the track,as you shred through the turns. The stretched plus design increases the roll rate speed and the overall general handling characteristics, thus enabling the Tomoquad's Trident to be the most agile racer in your stable. The Trident also adds a new dimension to what can be accomplished with freestyle flying. We aren't joking when we say that you will feel like a Greek god when you unleash the power and performance of the Tomoquad's Trident! Order one today!

Tomoquads "Where innovative designs bring performance"


Trident  Stretched Plus Micro  Race Frame Kit 


What are the features?

Specially designed so that the front propeller does not interfere with camera view

Size: 130mm MTM 

Stretched Plus frame design

Designed for Runcam Swift Micro

Camera is fully tiltable up to 60º

Designed  for VTX03  Transmitter 

3D printed accessories are all included with the kit ( Upgraded to Flexible filament TPU)

FC and motor softmount are included with the kit



What are the Specifications?

2.5mm carbon fiber main plate

1.5mm top plate

1.5mm camera pod plate

16g CF weight 


What comes with the frame kit?

1pc.  CF main plate

1pc. CF top plate

2pc. CF pod plate

3D printed motor guards

2pc. TPU spacer also as an FC softmount

Set of mounting hardwares

Premium Battery strap with anti slip coating and metal buckle


What parts do I need to build this?

20x20  4 in 1 ESC 10A with M2 mounting holes

20x20 F3/F4 Flight controller with M2 mounting holes

1104~1106 Brushless motors . Use High KV for 2S

RX2535 Propellers  or any 2.5"  props

Runcam Swift Micro 

VTX03 Transmitter 

JST or XT30 plug

2S~3S high C rating Lipo 400~600mah




Print your own 3D printed accessories


Any videos?


MultiGP International Open



Note: Picture shown are for illustration purposes only. Some parts might not be included with the kit. Please check product description for more details.  










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