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Sonic Nano Frame Kit

Sonic Nano Frame Kit

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Nano Quad Frame Kit




Thick 2mm carbon fiber frame

Only 70mm size

Suports  AIO and EOS camera

Tiltable Camera

CF only weighs 5g.

Supports tri and quad motor hole pattern 

Stylish 3D printed fin and antenna mount on the top late

Ample space to fit most AIO or EOS camera without hitting the FC stack

Uses regular rubberband to mount your lipos so you can use any size lipos

Support for oversized Gemfan 40mm whoop propellers 



2mm top and bottom CF plate

0° ~ 40° camera tilt

Bottom mounted lipo

70mm MTM size

40mm Propeller size

16x16 FC stack

Tri holes M1.4, 6.6mm motor hole pattern  

Quad holes M2.0, 9mm motor hole pattern

TPU flexible printed parts

5g. CF plate weight , assembled: TBA



1pc. Bottom plate

1pc. Top plate

3pc. camera mount. Support for IAO and EOS type cameras

1pc. 3D printed top plate fin and antenna mount.

1pc. 3D printed battery strap

3pc. M2 nylon standoffs

6pc. M2 metal screws 

1pc. M2 Self tapping screw

3D printed adjustable battery strap

12pc. M1.4 5mm motor screws



14X14 25mw. AIO camera

HGLRC FD413 16x16 stack1 13A or Diatone Mamba stack F411 

EX1103  12000KV motors  tri-holes

40mm Gemfan tri-blade propellers

350mah 2S lipo stick type.

Micro RX of your choice


Print your own 3D printed accessories

Complete 3D printed accessories


Note: Picture shown are for illustration purposes only. Some parts might not be included with the kit. Please check product description for more details.  









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