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Slingshot Freestyle Frame Kit

Slingshot Freestyle Frame Kit

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2.5" Freestyle Frame Kit




Supports 16x16, 20x20 and 25x25 Whoop stack

High quality CF

Supports  2.5" and 65mm props.

Top and bottom mounted Lipo

Avaialable twist and lock  bottom battery mount

Supports for 3 and 4 holes M2 motor mount with 9mm pattern

Camera is mounted on the specially designed front pod that acts as vibation dampener



2mm CF bottom plate 

1.5mm CF top plate

20mm standoff height

M2 (2mm) stack holes for 16x16, 20x20, 25x25 whoop stack

14x14 camera mount  (NanoRacer, Runcam Nano 2, Caddx EOS2 )

4 holes and 3 holes motor mount  with 9mm hole pattern (Amax , 110xx motors)

Weighs 11g. CF only and 16g. assembled 


Included with the Kit:

1pc Bottom plate

1pc top plate

1pc Camera pod 

4pc 3D printed motor guards

1pc. Top mounted 3d printed battery strap

Set of mounting hardware


Note: Picture shown are for illustration purposes only. Some parts might not be included with the kit. Please check product description for more details.  












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