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Sidewinder Ultra Light Racing Frame Kit *Free motor guards*

Sidewinder Ultra Light Racing Frame Kit *Free motor guards*

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What makes this frame special?

Extremly light frame  

Very slim pod design made of almost indestructible flexible TPU print 

It's slim body help reduce drag and prop wash from the props

A generous spacing between each props and the pod produces a very clean airflow making it fast and stable in the air

Camera  body and lens are fully protected by a thick 4mm TPU pod 

2 camera angle settings

Supports for 20x20 FC/ESC stack

Simple RX mount is included with the kit 

Supports for both AIO camera and Runcam Swift Micro

Support for the latest Zeus AIO FC/ESC/OSD

Anodized aluminum standoffs and Titanium screws included

You are getting a complete kit  and not just the CF frame 

Designed and cut in the USA


What comes with the kit?

1pc. 2mm high qualty 3K carbon fiber bottom plate

1pc. 2mm carbon fiber pod support plate

1pc. 2 color Slim Flexible TPU race pod 

1pc. Receiver mount

Anodized Aluminum 25mm standoffs and titanium screws

2pc. FC/ESC softmounts (TPU)

Sets of nylon screws and nuts

Premium Battery strap with anti slip coating and metal buckle


What are the Recommeded parts?

1104~1106 motors

Zeus AIO FC/ESC/OSD  (or any 20x20 FC/ESC stack)

Runcam Swift Micro 

VTX03 video transmitter

Micro RX

Gemfan 2540 tri props or any 2.5" props.

XT30 lipo plug

2~3S 500~600mah high C rating lipo


Videos or it didn't happend!

It's a rocket ship!

Lets do some freestyle flying!

Sidewinder Review



Like the  motor guard with feet shown on the pictures , you can get it here:



** Pod  comes standard with dual color and white is the standard outline color with your choice of main color.  Leave a note  on checkout if you prefer 1 color only.

** Pods are print to order please allow up to 1~3 days before shipping.








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