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Shuriken 40mm Proto-1 Frame Kit

Shuriken 40mm Proto-1 Frame Kit


Shuriken Proto-1 

40mm Indoor /Outdoor Frame Kit




This is an early release sample with very limited quantity. 

Designed around the Mobula7 , meaning it's a direct swap for your mobula7 quad.

Minor changes will still be made but this design is as close as you can get to the production model. Upgrded printed parts will be available for download.

Designed to work with the supplied front mounted camera mount or the optional top mounted pod.



1.5mm thick carbon fiber

15mm or 20mm standoff height

25.5x25.5 whoop style flight controller mounting holes

top mounted lipo  mount  

M1.4 tri-holes motor mount ( same as on M7 0802 motors) 

9g. CF , 13g. with hardware 



Direct conversion kit for your Mobula7


25.5x25.5 standard whoop stack 

14x14  size camera 

300~450 mah 2S Lipo

XT30 plug 

40mm props (Recommends Gemfan 4 bladed props)

0802 or 1103AB motors



1pc Top plate

1pc Bottom plate

2pc Lipo mount

3pc camera mount , supports AIO and EOS type cameras

Set of M1.4 motor screws 

Set of  15mm nylon M2 standoffs and screws. 

Printed parts color: White, unless requested for a different color

Add notes during checkout if you want the taller 20mm standoffs and a different 3d printed parts color. Available are white, black, red, orange, blue, light blue, yellow, translucent white, purple and green.







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