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Rocketeer 3" Tootpick Style Racing Kit

Rocketeer 3" Tootpick Style Racing Kit

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3" Tootpick Style Frame Kit



3K cut along the weave carbon fiber for a more rigid arms

No Need to flip your whoop stack to mount your FC/AIO 

Dedicated holes  for the Motor plugs and micro USB. No need to remove the motors JST connectors.

Designed for the 3" props but also works well with 65mm pushed in props

Twist and Lock Self adjusting lipo mount for easy swap. 

Rubbber band mount for those with non standard of bigger lipos

Stlyish Pod design with provision to mount different type of antenna (Micro Axii, linear )

Uses M2 metal screws and nuts

Supports  11xx and Amax 1103 motors

Stack mounting holes for 16x16 , 20x20 and Whoop stack 

Antenna adapter is included to convert the micro axii antenna mount to a single Linear Antenna



2mm cut along the weave carbon fiber  frame

9mm tri's and quad M2  motor holes pattern (11xx)

26x26 Whoop Stack mount (also mounting holes for 16x16, 20x20)

M2 Metal screws and nuts. 2 sizes are included for shorter or taller stack

Mounts for Linear polarized antenna  and Micro Axii shorty antenna

14x14 camera mount with 2 mounting holes to accomodate longer lens

7g. CF only and 18g. assembled includes pod


What Comes with the kit:

1pc. CF main plate

4pcs. M2x12 metal screws

4pcs. M2x16 metal screws

4pcs. M2 Metal lock nuts

4pcs. M2 nylon nuts

2pc. Self adjusting lipo mount 350~450mah 2S 

1pc. TPU Pod  

4pc. Motor guards / Softmounts 


Recommended Parts:

Will fit all whoop size flight controller like the GepRC 12A F4 , BetaFPV 12A, Mobula7  etc.

Motors: 1102, 1103, 1104, 1105, 1106  or any motors with 9mm m2 hole pattern

Camera: Runcam Nano2, Nano Racer, Caddx EOS2 or  similar  with a width of 14mm

VTX : TBS Unify Nano Pro, TBS Unify Nano Pro32 or similar

RX: Any micro RX for works with your radio trasmitter

Props: 65mm for lighter build with lower esc amp (5A) or 3" props on 12A or above.

Lipo: 350~450mah 2S  using the incuded lipo holder or use 3S (needs rubberband or strap to hold the battery)

Highly recommended to use an XT-30 plug to reduce lipo sagging with high C rating


3D Printed Parts:

3D printed accessories

3D Printed Pod


Note: Picture shown are for illustration purposes only. Some parts might not be included with the kit. Please check product description for more details.  

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