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Punisher 罰する 5" Racing Frame Kit

Punisher 罰する 5" Racing Frame Kit

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What are the features ?

Unique design with skull like top plate

Quick release arms for easy replacement 

Arms are cut along the weave for added toughness 

Swapable arms for 4"-5" 

Dedicated CF plates for camera mount 

Camera is fully tiltable up to 70 degrees



What are the specifications?

Size: 218mm MTM

68g. fully assembled (no 3d parts)

4mm CF arms (Cut along the weave)

2mm CF top plarte

1.5mm CF middle arm brace plate

2mm CF bottom arm brace plate

Titanium Screws

Silver Aluminum Standoffs


What comes with the kit?

4pcs  CF arms

1Pc. CF top plate

1pc. CF middle plate

1pc. CF bottom plate

Set of titanium screws

Set of Aluminum standoffs

Set of nylon screws


**Available  3D printed antenna mount and motor guards  


What are the recommended parts to build this kit?

1407~2205 Brushless motors

20x20~ 30.5x30.5 (standard) F3/F4 Flight controller

20x20~30.5x30.5 20A+ ESC 

Runcam Swift Mini or Runcam Micro

VTX03 transmitter or similar

Choice of micro receiver

850~1200mah 3S-4S

Note: Asgard 4 in1 FC/ESC/OSD/BEC  will be best for this build. Keeping the build as light as possible is the key to achieve best power and efficency.


Videos coming soon!









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