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PredatorX Generation 2 3" Racing Frame Kit

PredatorX Generation 2 3" Racing Frame Kit

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The same Predator X that everyone loves  just got better with more aggressive looks and tougher rigid CF frame!


What are the features?

3mm carbon fiber main frame

3pcs 2mm carbon fiber pod plate

Pod supports variety of AIO camera

Tiltable Pod

Dedicated mounting holes for your FC and ESC so you can soft mount your electronics

Seperate mounts for the pods.

designed for to minimize prop wash and maximise air flow thanks to the slimmer but thicker CF arms. 


What comes with the kit? 

1 pc. 3mm main CF plate

3 pcs. 2mm CF Pod plates

2 pcs. TPU  standoffs for your 4 in1 ESC and FC

4 pcs. Motor guards and Antenna  3D Printed TPU Mount (antenna tube not included)

Nylon screws, standoffs and nuts 

Premium Battery strap with anti slip coating and metal buckle


What do i need to complete the build?

20x20 size  F3/F4 flight controller

20x20 size 12A or higher  4 in 1 ESC

11xx Brushless Motors

2.5" to 3" Props   

VTX02 /03 Video transmitter or similar

Runcam Swift Micro or similar

Micro RX  eg: lemonRX

JST or TX30 lipo plug



Freestyle flying now who would think that this is a micro?!



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