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Katana 2 UL-LR 4"/ 5" Frame Kit

Katana 2 UL-LR 4"/ 5" Frame Kit

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Ultra-Light  Long-Range  UL-LR  

Now with 4" or 5" arm option.





Dead-cat arm design provides a no-prop view, perfect for mid/long-range HD flight.

No Props view.

Multi arm size support.  4" or 5" arms.

Front and rear multi-stack for M2 16x16, M2 20x20 boards and Whoop Stack (front only).

Lightweight design at 38g assembled.

Supports dual FPV+4K cameras such as Caddx Tarsier, 14x14,19x19 and 20x20.

Supports 9-12mm 4-hole motor mounting pattern (most 11XX to 14XX motors).

Chamfered CF arms.

Top or bottom mount batteries with strap holes.



3mm CF arms for 4" props (weave cut)

4mm CF arms on 5" props (weave cut)

1.5mm bottom plate

1.5mm mid plate

1.5mm top plate

Flexible TPU printed accessories

Black knurled aluminum standoffs

Weight is at 37g on the 4" version and 50g on the 5" version



What comes with the kit:

1x CF top plate

1x CF mid plate

1x CF bottom plate

4x CF arms

6x 20mm M2 knurled aluminum standoffs

2x 25mm M2 knurled aluminum standoffs

12x 6mm M2 screws (for plates)

4x 12mm M2 screws (for arms)

4x M2 locknuts (for arms)

1x TPU GPS mount (18x18x6mm or 20x20x8mm)

4x TPU motor guards

2x TPU camera mount

1x TPU chin guards

1x TPU antenna T mount 

2x TPU anti skid lipo plate


Add a spare arm: CLICK HERE


Free to download 3D printed accessories

Immortal Antenna mount

Insta360 Mount



Recommended parts:

Camera: Single or Dual FPV+4K camera with 20x20 boards such as Caddx Tarsier, Caddx Vista and DJI Camera . You can also  use Runcam Hybrid (not recommended) but you will need to increase the standoff height to 30mm which is not included with the kit. 

FC+ESC: 16x16, 20x20 and Whoop style stack with AT LEAST 12A (recommended 20A or above) ESC. Suggested to use pre-built stack such sa Flywoo Goku F722 Mini or similar. Some non-standard size boards may need to be rotated sideways to fit.

Motors: 14XX to 16XX, select wider stators for better efficiency/longer flight times. With 4" props, recommended to use 4500-5000KV on 2S or 3200-4000KV on 3S.

Props: HQ 4x2.5 or Gemfan 4024 bi-blades. Use T-mount to match more motors and for better efficiency.

Battery: 650-850mAh on 2S, 850-1100mAh on 3S.

VTX: Any 20x20 with at least 400mW for long range.

GPS: BN-180 (18x18x6mm) or Matek M8Q-5883 (20x20x8mm). Camera and VTX must be kept as far away from GPS and/or shielded with copper foil for optimum GPS performance.

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