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Kaiken 2.5" 懐剣 Racing Frame Kit

Kaiken 2.5" 懐剣 Racing Frame Kit

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Difference between Lite and Prestige


2mm  Black CF bottom plate

1.5mm Black CF top plate

25mm  Nylon standoffs and screws

Comes with 3D printed motor guards ,antenna/ TX30 mount  and camera mount

14g. CF only and only 19g. assembled 



2.5mm CF bottom plate

1.5mm  Black CF top plate

25mm Silver knurled aluminum standoffs

Titanium screws

Comes with 3D printed motor guards, camera mount  and XT30/antenna mount 

Weight: 20g CF  and 28g assembled 



What are the features?

2.5" props perfect for 11xx motors

Wide arm design with of up to 14.5mm at its wides point and uses 2mm/2.5mm CF plate making it  stronger yet     flexible to absorve shock during impact. 

Size: 127mm MTM 

Top or bottom mounted lipo 

Alien style frame

Comes complete with the stylish and functional  TPU 3D printed accesories.

Works with Runcam Micro Swift  all the way to the bigger Micro Eagle

Camera is fully tiltable up to 60 degrees

Fits Runcam Split mini

Fits the bigger HGLRC Zeus All in One stack

XT-30 mount included with the kit 

Frame cutouts are strategically placed to make it lighter without sacrificing rigidity


What are the specifications?

LITE version: 2mm bottom plate ,  PRESTIGE versio: 2.5mm bottom plate

LITE: 1.5mm Black CF top plate , PRESTIGE: 1.5mm Silver CF top plate

9mm motor hole pattern (11xx~1304 motors)

Support 20x20 FC stack with M3 holes (works with M2 stack)

Flexible TPU 3D printed parts   


What comes with the frame kit?

1pc.  CF main plate

1pc. CF top plate

4pc. Motor guard / softmout

2pc. Camera mount

1pc. XT-30 /antenna  mount

Set of  nylon mounting hardwares

Premium Battery strap with anti slip coating and metal buckle 


What parts do I need to build this?

20x20  4 in 1 ESC 12A or higher

20x20 F3/F4 Flight controller , M3 ~M2 will work 

 OR  HGLRC Zeus AIO for a single board solution 

11xx or 1404 Brushless Motors 

2.5"   propellers

Runcam Swift Micro , Micro Eagle or similar / fits  Runcam Split Mini (might need 25mm standoffs)

VTX02~03 Transmitter  or similar

JST or XT30 plug

Micro Receiver RX

2S~4S high C rating 600mah  lipo


Any Videos?

Freestyle flying!

Freestyle Flying2


Note: Picture shown are for illustration purposes only. Some parts might not be included with the kit. Please check product description for more details.  


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