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Hayabusa 3 V3 Frame Kit

Hayabusa 3 V3 Frame Kit

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NEW Hayabusa 3"  V3




Doble stack side by side FC mount design or one center stack

Prop size: 3"

Slidable stack mount 

Stack mount: 20x20 , 25.5x25.5 and 26x26 whoop stack design

Stack mounting hole size: M2

Motor holes diameter: 9mm and 12mm  M2

Top plate height: 25mm 

Camera size: 19x19 or 14x14 with included spacer

Arms design: Removable. H configuration boomerang style.

Top mounted lipo

3D printed accesories included

Frame material: 3K Matte carbon fiber 

Frame thickness: 3mm arm, 2mm top and bottom plate

Antenna mount: VTX , Crossfire, standard Frsky R-Xsr dual antenna (antenna tube not included)


Whats Included:

2PC. arms

1PC. top plate

1PC. bottom plate

Set of mounting hardware

3dprinted parts: motor feet , antenna mount, camera mount, spacer for 14x14 camera


Note: Picture shown are for illustration purposes only. Some parts might not be included with the kit. Please check product description for more details.  

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