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EVO-X Shinka (進化) Race Frame Kit

EVO-X Shinka (進化) Race Frame Kit

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(All Black CF Plates)


EVO-X Shinka  進化

Tomoquad's is proud to bring you the newest edition to the Tomoquad's line, the EVO-X Shinka Racing frame! The EVO-X is a 140MTM, true X, 3" sized racing frame that sports a 3mm bottom plate and a 2mm top and chin plate. Weighing in at only 27grams, (built with included hardware) it even comes with a set of titanium screws to ensure that you have one of the strongest,super light weight racers on the track! The EVO-X Shinka is designed for the lightest build weight possible and is therefore designed for 11XX motors that are capable of spinning 3" props. Brilliantly, it features a slightly longer arm design that increases it's ability to cut through the downforce of air that your moving through during flight. This feature of the EVO-X's design increases it's performance by letting the air not hit the top plate, and enables the EVO-X to drive more thrust through the 3" props. This performance driven design feature of the EVO-X enhances it's performance in speed,handling and in it's ability to avoid propwash! Not to mention, the EVO-X Shinka is just straight up SEXY!

Just one look at the TOMOQUAD's EVO-X Shinka will leave you with zero doubt about the continued evolution of Tomoshimei's designs. Combining sheer beauty with racing quality performance is truly what the EVO-X Shinka is all about. Don't let your micro quad stable get stale! Add some Evolution to your quad life,with the new Tomoquad's EVO-X Shinka racing frame. Order yours today and EVOLVE to a higher level of performance and beauty! Tomoquads

"Where innovative designs bring performance"


What are the Features?

True X frame with dead center mounted FC stack

Specifically designed for 11XX motors on 3" props

Seperate bottom chin CF plate so you can lower your stack down to 18mm

Works with variety on CCD Micro Camera

140MTM size category for 3" props

Only 19g. CF plate on and 27g. assembled thats with aluminum standoffs and titanium screws.


What are the Specification?

3mm carbon fiber bottom plate

2mm carbon fiber top plate

2mm carbon fiber chin plate


What comes with the Kit?

1pc carbon fiber bottom plate

1pc carbon fiber top plate (Black)

1pc carbon fiber chin plate

-3pcs anodised 25mm silver colored aluminum standoffs

set of metal  screws 

set of nylon screws and nuts

3d printed TPU accessory parts 

set of TPU 20x20 spacer

Premium Battery strap with  metal buckle


Recommended parts?

20x20 Flight controller

20x20 4 in 1 ESC , single esc will work too.

1104~1304 brushless motors

Runcam Swift Micro CCD camera or similar

VTX02~03 transmitter

Micro Receiver 

2.5~ 3" props

3S~4S High C rating Lipo


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Note: Picture shown are for illustration purposes only. Some parts might not be included with the kit. Please check product description for more details.  




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