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EL Camino Racing Frame V1.1

EL Camino Racing Frame V1.1

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Designed for 2.5" ~ 3" Props on 11xx brushless motors

Double or single stack design for mounting electronics

Slidable  stack for mounting  electronics on ech side or  center 

Top munted lipo (bottom mounted works too)

Customizable 3D printed parts

Supports wide variety of camera  

Wide arm design making it tough yet flexible to widstand most crash 

Supports single ESC mounting on each arm

Motor guards / softmount are standard on all 3 models

3D printed files are free to download 



2mm bottom plate

2mm pod plates

1.5mm Top plate



Lite (see pic)

1Pc. CF bottom plate

2pc. Pod plates

1pc. Top plate

4pc. 3D printed (TPU) Motor guards

2pc. stack softmount

1pc. pod mount

Set of nylon hardware

Premium Battery strap with anti slip coating and metal buckle


Deluxe  (all above +)

3D printed camera sleeve

3D printed battery sleeve

Aluminum knurled standoffs and metal screws

note: antenna tube are not included with the kit.



1104~1106 motors  6000KV is best on 3" and 7000KV+ on 2.5" props

Any 20x20 FC/ESC  or single 15A+ single ESC mounted on each arms

Runcam Swift Micro , Micro Eagle or similar / fits  Runcam Split Mini

VTX02~03 video transmitter  or similar

JST or XT30 plug

Micro receiver RX

2S~4S high C rating 600mah  lipo


Changes on V1.1

-Higher 20mm stack clearance

-Simple, lighter and more effective pod mount


Note: Picture shown are for illustration purposes only,  electronics are not included . Please check product description.


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