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EL Camino Pro V2 Race Frame Kit

EL Camino Pro V2 Race Frame Kit

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Whats New to V2

No more propeller view

Thicker pod plates

Redesigned arms for added rigidity

Specifically designed for 13xx/14xx motors


What are the Features?

Cut along the weave removable  CF arms

Double stack or single center design  with 20x20 slidable mounting holes to fit virually any FC/ESC. 

or single stack  30x30 mounting holes 

Stretched arm design for a more precise handling

Variable  top plate height  

Top mounted or bottom mounted lipo

Weighs only 34g 

Designed for the more efficient 3" props

Tiltable antenna  mount  


What are the Specification?

3mm. cut along the weave CF arms

2mm. CF bottom plate

2mm CF top plate 

2mm CF pod plates

20mm anodized knurled aluminum standoffs



What comes with the kit?

2pc. CF Arms

1pc. CF bottom plate

1pc. CF top plate

2pc. CF pod plates

1pc. Premium battery strap with metal buckle

Set of mounting hardware and stack softmounts

Set of flexible 3D printed accessories 


What are the recommended Parts?

3" Props

20x20 FC/ESC  also supports 30x30 FC/ESC

1306~1407 Brushless motors only

CMOS/CCD micro camera Eg: Runcam Swift Micro/Mini, Sparrow, Micro Eagle

Supports Runcam Split mini DVR 

Micro VTX  video transmitter

Micro RX radio receiver 

600~850mah 3~4S Lipo


Videos !



Note: Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only and some might not be included with the kit, see product description for details.




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