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Corsa 40mm Tiny Whoop Frame Kit New V3

Corsa 40mm Tiny Whoop Frame Kit New V3

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 CORSA 40mm Tiny Whoop Frame Kit


Now includes 4pcs motor guards/softmounts and 2pcs Lipo mount



Whats new on V3

Now with 2mm 3K carbon fiber frame.

Added a pod version for EOS2, Nano3 or similar

Slimmer Toothpick style Arms for less air obstruction

Now accepts tri mount 08xx motors and quad mount 11xx motors

Now with self adjusting lipo mount to accept 350~500mah 2S




3K carbon fiber frame

Because it's a direct conversion kit , no soldering or cutting needed. 

Comes with everything you need for a smooth  hassle free conversion

Elimites  washout on the Beta 75x 

Battery holster for 2S Lipo or rubberband

NEW improved camera pod for the Mobula7 and Beta75x  version (see pic)



1.5mm CF main plate

75mm. MTM

Flexible TPU printed parts

Support for  1103 and 0802 motors

CF is only 3.5g. , as tested dry weight on M7 is at 29g. 



1pc. CF main plate

1pc. camera pod NEW UPDATED

2pc. battery holster

set of M2  nylon hardware

set of  M1.4 or M1.6 screws  

set of motor softmounts



Mobula 7 quad  

Beta75x quad

Beta Pro 2 quad



Spare Pod for M7 , 75x and Pro 2

Corsa pod for EOS1/2 Camera



 Corsa 75x version indoor racing

Corsa M7 Version



- This is a direct conversion kit meaning you will use almost all of the componets from your M7, 75x or Pro2  including the screws and rubber softmounts.

- No soldering needed and will take lessthan 30min. to do a complete swap

- You can use the included Lipo holster or use a rubber band to mount the battery

- you can use the included 3D printed pod (tiltable on the M7) or use the factory pod from your whoop 

- This build was intended to be built without guards and is designed for outdoor flying.

- If you prefer to use the  original  frame guards, you will need a longer 5mm M1.6 (75x) , M1.4 (M7 and Pro2) motor screws. This can be purchased     from Amazon.




Note: Picture shown are for illustration purposes only. Some parts might not be included with the kit. Please check product description for more details.  


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