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Chopstick CS3 V1.1

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The First Multi-Configurable Multirole FVP Racer!



-Removable and stackable 2mm arms, double the arms double the thickness 

-Supports Whoop, 16x16, 20x20 stack

-Bottom mounted self adjusting lipo mount or top mounted strap or rubber band hook

-CF are cut along the weave

-Top plates accept 20x20 stack perfect for HD camera setup

-Props are 6mm away from the frame body to eliminate propwash

-Supports EOS and HD camera , AIO mount will be added soon

-Support for up to 3.2" props (65mm for 75x/pro2/m7 whoop stack)



Designed for 65mm and 3" props

9mm motor hole pattern  (11xx)

130 size Micro

Weight: 12g. CF only , 18g. with hardware

2mm CF arms thats cut along the weave

2mm CF bottom plate

1.5mm CF top plate

TPU printed parts

Knurled aluminum standoffs and metal screws



2Pc. CF arms

1pc. CF bottom plate

1pc. CF top plate

1pc. 3D printed lipo strap

2set Camera mount for HD and non HD

Set of mounting hardware

Optional: bottom mounted  3D printed self adjusting lipo holder for 350~450mah lipo 


Spare Arms and Printed Accessories: 

Micro Axii Antenna Mount

Spare 3D Printed Accessories

Spare Arm



Version 1.1 

Aded M2 tri holes for Amax 1103 motors 


Build Notes:

When building using the Whoop stack with only 6A ESC like the one on the 75x,M7 and Trashcan , use only  a lower KV 1102/03 motors

Beta85x stack with 16A ESC can use bigger T-mount 2.5~3" props, higher KV motors  and  can use up to 3S lipo.

The 20x20 mouting holes on the top plate is used to mount the HD controller board if using the whoop FC/ESC stack. 

Arms are stackable meaning you can double the arms for a total of 4mm thickness  if you are planning build a more powerful and heavier micro racer. 

20mm and 25mm standoffs will be offered. 25mm is perfect for HD build and 20mm for non HD EOS cam.


 Flight Videos!

it rips!

Freestyle Flying



Free to Download 3D Printed parts:

Axii / R9 antenna mount


Note: Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only and some are not  included with the kit, see product description for details.  










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