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Carrera Direct Conversion Frame Kit

Carrera Direct Conversion Frame Kit

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Direct conversion kit for Mobula 7



2mm full carbon fiber main plate that is cut along the weave for a more rigid arms

Designed for the 65mm propellers 

AIO camera and  stack are directly mounted on the  TPU pod and not on the CF frame eliminating jellow and gyro issues. 

Front hinge pod mount for easy removal and repair

Only 3 screws needed to complete the build (included)

No soldering or cutting needed

Complete the conversion in less than 30min.

Thicker 1.3mm TPU flexible pod 

Fully protected camera lens with an aggressive 40 degree camera angle

Stack and camera  is mounted on the pod and not on the main plate isolating it from vibration.

Fully accessible  micro usp port  and a access hole for changing the VTX channel

Although it was intended for the 0802 motors it still have a mount for 11xx motors 

Easy swap frame and will be offering different design in the future.

Battery holster  for two 250mah 1s lipo and one 300mah 2s  lipo (beta75x)



2mm 3K  carbon fiber with cut along the weave

3D Printed flexible TPU pod

Motor mount for the M7 0802 motors 

Motor mount for 11xx motors 


Included with the kit:

1pc. 1.3mm thick TPU pod

1pc. TPU stack holder

1pc. CF main plate

1pc. Lipo mount for for 2x 250mah 1s for 2s output 

1pc. Lipo mount for 1s 250mah lipo 

1pc. Lipo mount for 300mah 2s (beta75x)

12pc. M1.4 motor screws

Set of hardware


Recommended Parts:

Designed to fit all the components from your Mobula7 or:

- Crazybee F4 Whoop size flight controller

- 25mw AIO camera with 14x14 dimension (must have the same size as the M7 aio camera)

- 0802 16000KV motors with jst plug 

- 65mm Propellers with 1mm center hole (Brand: Kingkong)

- much better if you upgrade to XT30 lipo plug to reduce sagging 

- 300mah 2s lipo similar to the beta75x



Build note:


- Because it's a direct conversion kit you will just need to transfer all your electronics to the new frame and you are good to go.

- There are mounting holes to accept 11xx motors but you might need to extend the wires.

- Pinch or squish  the pod from top and bottom then insert the AIO camera carefull not to damage the wires.

- Lipo holster is pressure fitted  to the CF frame so you will need to squish the lipo mount and isert it on the main plates center hole, use a screw driver to help you pull the mount in place. 

- Use a rubberband  to hold non standard size lipos

- As tested dry weight of only  35g. and 37g with 2s lipo (250mah 1s x2 )


**Pod takes time to print specially if it has a custom stripes so please allow up to 2~4 days before shipping


Note: Picture shown are for illustration purposes only,  electronics are not included . Please check product description.








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