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Banzai 2" Racing Frame Kit *NEW*

Banzai 2" Racing Frame Kit *NEW*

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Under Construction



[bahn-zahybahn-; Japanese bahn-dzah-ee] = Long live the King!



Classic Baby Alien style frame 

Very light frame perfect to 2" Props

Top or bottom mounted lipo

Flexible 3D pinted accessories included

Center mounted stack with ample space for even the Split Mini or the HGLRC Zeus AIO




3K 2mm plain weave black carbon fiber frame

13g. CF weight and 16g. assembled (motor guards optional)

20mm  stack height and  can be taller up to 30mm depending on the standoffs height

20x20 M3  stack mounting holes  and works with M2 stack electronics 

102mm. MTM size  under nano quad category

Designed for 11XX motors


Recommended Parts:

1106 Brushless motor

20x20 4 in 1 ESC 

20x20 Flight controller  with M3 or M2 mounting holes

2" Propellers 

Runcam Swift Micro , Micro Eagle or similar / fits  Runcam Split Mini

Micro RX eg: DSMX, Frsky etc.

XT30 lipo plug

choice of 2S or 3S lipo battery


Kit Includes:

1pc 2mm bottom plate 

1pc 2mm top plate

2pc flexible 3D printed camera mount

2pc flexible stack standoffs and also acts as a softmount

4pc motor guards /softmount

1pc Premium battery strap , rubber coated and metal buckle

A set of nylon screws and standoffs  (20mm standard standoff height can request for 25mm)













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