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Baby EVO V.2 Indoor Nano Quad Frame Kit

Baby EVO V.2 Indoor Nano Quad Frame Kit

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What are the features?

Size:75mm MTM

Weight: CF=4g , 7g with hardware. 

Supports 3 screws BR0703, BR0705 and Sunnysky 0705

Slide-in camera mount.

Deadcat arm design


Whats included?

1pc. 1.5mm carbon fiber main plate

1pc. 1.5mm carbon fiber top plate

1pc. Flexible TPU camera mount

2pc. TPU FC/ESC spacer (colors may vary depending on stock)

Set of M2 nylon hardware

1pc  3d Printed V shapped accent with th color of your choice


What parts do i need to build this kit?

Recommended Racestar  BR0703, BR0705 , Sunnysky 0705

Caution:  Some BR0703-05 have screws that are too long and can damage your motor winding. 

16x16  Flight controller

16x16 4 in 1 ESC  4~6A 

40mm Props 

Micro Receiver and some are built-in to the flight controller

AIO Camera preferable the light 25mw version

40mm Props

300~400mah 1S~ 2S lipo


 CF frames are cut to order and so are the 3D printed parts, please allow up to 3 days before shipping.


FREE to download the 3D printed accessories!




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