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Airstrike 3 Race Quad Frame V1.1

Airstrike 3 Race Quad Frame V1.1

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3" Ultra Lite Racing Frame Kit.





Now uses 4 motor screw holes vs the 2 holes on V1



Boomerang style removable arms

Toothpick style slim arms for  less air obstruction eliminating propwash 

Supports 3 types of FC stack sizes (26x26, 20x20, 16x16)

Whoop stack (26x26) has 4 mounting holes making it easier and more secured to mount the triangular diamond VTX

Vertically printed Pod for a more detailed and cleaner look.

Slim body design for less drag making it perfect for racing

Uses standard battery strap to support a variety of lipo sizes

Boomerang arms are optimally angled to match the carbon fiber weave making it more rigid and crash resistance



Matte CF finish

2mm cut along the weave CF arm

2mm cut along the weave bottom plate

Supports for 9mm M2 motor hole pattern  (11xx motors)

3D printed parts are printed on 95A TPU flexible filaments

M2 holes for all 3 stack sizes (26x26,20x20,16x16)

Weighs: 8g. CF only , Pod 5g. 19g. fully assembled

Arms configuration: Streched X

14x14  camera mount ONLY (EOS2, Runcam Nano, Runcam Split Nano2)

20mm max stack height

Dedicated mounting holes for the standard antenna tubes NOT included. 



2pc. CF arms

1pc. CF bottom plate

1pc. TPU Pod

2pc. TPU antenna tube cover

4pc. TPU motor guards

1pc. battery Strap (See pic for recommended mounting)

Set of mounting hardware



3D printed accessories: CLICK HERE





 Too Fast!

 Review and Flight Video



Note: Picture shown are for illustration purposes only. Some parts might not be included with the kit. Please check product description for more details.  












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