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XBL2 Race Frame Kit . Xtreme Edition *now instock

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What are the features?

True X frame design

Slim arm design produces less drag and almost eliminated prop wash.

Thick carbon fiber bottom and pod plates

Designed fo Runcam Swft Micro  can be angled up to 90 degrees.

Designed for 1306-1407 motors with 3" props

Comes with a cemera mount to support most AIO camera

Optional sleeve (F1) for more customiztion

Includes Motor guards 

Slidable FC/ESC design to accomodate different sizes

Camera lens are fully protect 

Components are stackable up to 21mm 


What are the Specification?

4mm full carbon fiber  bottom plate   type B  (middle layer is cut a long the weave)

2.5mm full carbon fiber pod plates

135mm motor to motor size.

26grams frame weight.


What comes with the kit?

1pc 4mm CF plate

2pc 2.5mm CF pod plates

2pc  CF  pad holder

4pc Motor guards

1pc AIO tiltable camera mount

Set of screws,nuts and standoffs 

1pc 20x20 to 30.5x30.5 adapter (might need a special  size standoff depending on your application)



What parts do i need to build this?

20x20 FC like the Piko BLX

20x20  All in one  ESC  10~25A

1306~ 1407 Brushless Motors

3" Propellers

Runcam Swift Micro or similar  (up to 20mm wide)

or AIO camera like the the TX02 /TX03

VTX  like the  200mw VTX03

Micro RX of your choice like the LemonRX or Micro Frsky 

XT30 Lipo plug

3S 600-800mah  or 4S-600-800mah 

optional: OSD board.


Downloadable 3D Printed parts

Rucam Mount

20x20 to 30.5x30.5 FC/ESC adapter

3D Printed Accessories    (still work in progress)





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