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XBL117 Micro Brushless Quadcopter Frame *Limited Time Free Motor guards*

XBL117 Micro Brushless Quadcopter Frame *Limited Time Free Motor guards*

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  •  Order the XBL117 and recieve a FREE  motor guards


      With an already diverse product line, we have created the lightest brushless frame TomoQuads has ever released. It's a 117mm size micro quad that can be powered with the 11xx series of motors, although we recommend the 1102 or 1103 motors and a 2s pack for an ultra light build . If you have been wanting something the size of a brushed quad but without the brushed motors, the XBL117 is the one you want!


    Whats included (Basic):

    2mm Full carbon fiber base plate

    2pcs. 1.5mm Full Carbon Fiber Pod plates 

    1pc. Back plate RX mount

    Screws and Standoffs

    3D printer Camera mount  for the the mini 170 degree mini camera


    Chappie Edition includes the Flexible RX Antenna Mount  and  Carbon Fiber arm protector.


    Recommended Parts:

    1102 , 1103, 1104 or 1105 brushless motors .

    LKTR120 propeller with 1.5 mounting holes or the gemfan 65mm propeller rebore to 1.5mm for the 1103 racestar motors.

    RX2535W propeller for  1102, 1104 and 1105 motors

    Piko BLX Flight controller

    12A Arm Racing ESC or  XM10A SC or anything with similar size.

    FX797T /FX798T Aio  camera vtx combo  or similar. 

    JST connector

    2S to 3S lipo  depending on what motor you use.

    3M dual Lock Fastener to hold the lipo or a small battery strap.



     Print your own camera mount:

    Click Here

    Chappie Edition Antenna mount:

    Click Here


    Camera Mount and added a platform to mount the mico minimosd

     click here


    Flight video and review:

    click herre


    Still not convinced then check this out and this is only running on 1103 motors, 6a eas on 2S

    cleick here


    This will change the way you look at micro quads. Just check  how fast it climb!

    Click Here


    Build Log 

    Click Here

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