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Tiny Swift 59mm Micro Quad Frame

Tiny Swift 59mm Micro Quad Frame

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    Have you ever dreamed of building a brushless indoor quad that is smaller than the Tiny Whoop then your prayers are answered!  Introducing the Tomoquads Tiny Swift a 59mm micro quad that smaller than the ever popular Tiny Whoop and possibly the smallest production brushless quad available in production.



    59mm micro frame with prop guard.

    41g. as tested fully built with FPV camera  and prop guard. (can be lighter depending on build) , 36g without guards

    Carbon Fiber frame with 1.5mm and 1mm thickness

    Prop guard arms are printed in TPU (flexible ) so you know that it will not break

    TPU Standoffs


    Whats Included:

    1pc  1.5mm CF Main Plate

    1pc  1mm CF ESC CF plate 

    1pc  CF Middle Plate

    1pc  1mm CF Prop guard

    3pcs TPU standoffs

    1pc Camera and RX mount

    4pcs TPU prop guard arms

    1pc ABS spacer

    Screws, nuts and standoffs 

    Prop cutter


    Required Parts:

    1103 10000KV  Motors 

    Emax Femto FC

    6A or 10A 4 in 1 ESC with 20x20 mounting holes

    JST lipo plug

    Micro RX (lightest possible)

    EF-02  25mw AIO Camera (must be smallest and lightest)

    FuriousFVP 2035 propeller cut to 40-41mm  or anything similar like the Rakon 40mm props


    Tip:  Keep the weight  as light as possible by using the shortest possible wires, use the lightest possible components and maximize the size of the props. 



    FPV flight



    Build and review:













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