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Swift Micro Quad Frame

Swift Micro Quad Frame

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    78mm Nano size quad 

    Perfect X frame configuration

    11.9g weight includes all 3d printed parts, frame, screws and stadoffs (no prop guard)

    Provision for a propeller guard

    Fully protected AIO camera  

    78mm MTM yet it uses a  bigger 2" 2035 props

    Propeller guard can be downloaded for FREE! 

    frame, 3d printed parts and screws only 10.9g


    Whats Included:

    1- Main  Carbon Fiber plate

    3- Carbon Fiber pod plate with 3D pinted camera enclosure with adjustable tilt

    1- Carbon Fiber Base Plate


    3d printed shroud 

    Screws, nuts and standoffs


    Recommended Parts:

    Recomended 1104-1105B  6500-10000KV motors , optional 1103-10000KV (good for indoor only)

    Piko BLX Flight controller  or Femto FC but must be soft mounted

    6A racestar ESC (2S operation) , 7A to 12A Cicada BLheli-s (2-3S )  or 10A Cicada 4 in 1 ESC but  (not tested)

    2" props   Recommended Gemfan 2035 or FuriousFPV 2030 propeller or RX2535W ( trimmed to 2" on 1104-1105)

    Micro Receiver like the LemonRX or Furious Frsky micro RX.

    TX02 Aio camera or smaller 

    IMPORTANT: this quad is really tiny so make sure you  get a right angle micro USB plug.


    Optional Parts:

    Diapole conversion antenna

    Propeller guard


    All 3d prints  can be downloaded here for free.

    lighter prop guard.



    Note: Please allow up to 3 days before shipping  for order with prop guards due to the time it takes to print the parts


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