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Panzer 85mm Micro Quad with Frame FREE Prop Guard

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Our latest and smallest TomoQuads creation yet, the Panzer 85mm quad is named after the German tank. Panzer means armour in German, and this kit comes with complete protection for the newer AIO camera/vtx systems! But unlike a heavy tank this thing weighs in at only 54 grams with its ‘feet’ (49 grams without) and is a perfect match for the newer 11xx family of brushless motors. For those that prefer ducted propulsion, we also offer a free 3D printable file that allows for easy conversion and installation. If you are looking for the perfect indoor/outdoor micro brushless quad, we think the Panzer 85mm is the one you want!


Why you want this:

- One of the smallest brushless quad quad you can build

- Easy to build

- Comes with Carbon fiber landing feet to protect your motors and lipos  and also adds    uniqueness to the quad

- AIO Camera is fully protected with CF plates

- ESC is protected by a CF plate

- 2mm CF main plate 

- Very light frame

- Customizable look with free to download propeller guards for 3d printing .

- X frame configuration makes it  very stable for indoor or outdoor flights

- protection plates can be removed if you want to make the quad even lighter

- supports for both the smaller 1103 or the more powerfull 1104-1105b motors


What comes with the kit:

- 6PCS 3K Carbon Fiber frame 

- Screws and  standoffs

- Free STL download


Required parts needed to complete the build:

- FuriousFPV Piko BLX FLight controller 

- 1103- 1104 - 1105 brushless motors 

- 6A /7A Racestar BLheli-S ESC or XM10A 10A ESC or New Little Bees 20A BLheli-S ESC

- AIO camera like the FX797T, FX797T, TX02, tx03 200mw camera/vtx or similar

- JST or XT30 Lipo Plug

- FuriousFPV 1935 propeller or LKTR120 56mm propeller with 1mm hole  or trimmed RX2535W propellers

- 2S 400-500mah Lipo or up to 450mah 3S ( depending on motor used)

- Micro Receiver 

- might need a right angle micro usb cable


FREE to Download Propeller guards more will be added to further customize your build.

Prop Guard



Ducted Prop Guard




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