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Mosquito110 Revision 2 Frame **See Offer**

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MOSQUITO 110 V2 will now use the latest Piko BLX  F3 flight controller and the new wave of AIO camera like the FX798T or the new TX02 200mw camera. Frame is even lighter to take advantage of the lighter 1102 , 1103 motors but still able to use up to 1105B RotorX motors.  


Whats so special with this quad compared to the V1?

- Frame is lighter compared to the previous V1

- Back arms are spreads out even more for better flight characteristic

- Built for Piko BLX flight controller with integrated PDB and BEC

- Designed for the FuriousFPV Innova VTX/OSD board 

- Accepts smaller 1103 Racestar motors

- Easier to build.

- Easy camera mounting

- Screams even on 2S Lipo.



Parts needed to complete the build:


Power Build :

FuriousFPV  Piko Blx  Flight controller with integrated PDB and BEC

FuriousFPV Innova VTX and  OSD combo  (control VTX channel and power form your goggles)

1104, 1105b brushless  motors  6500KV to 7500KV motors

FuriousFPV IPX antenna or any atandard IPX to CP antenna

XT-30 plug

120 degree mini camera

Recommend 450-600mah 2S or 3S  Battery


Ultra Light Build:

FuriousFPV  Piko BLX flight controller

FX798T or TX02 or similar   AIO Camera /VTX combo

Racestar 1103 motors or RotorX 1102 motors

6A Racestar BLheli-S or XM10A 10A or Little Bees 20A Blheli-S

JST lipo plug.

450-500mah 2S Lipo.



What comes with the kit:

Carbon fiber top and bottom plate.


Antenna Mount

Screws and standoff 



Free to download ESC cover 

Click Here

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