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Mosquito Brushed Edition Frame

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Product Description:

       Following in the tradition of our popular mosquito and mosquito XL line, the new mosquito B is our lightest frame yet in the series! It has been designed around the 0820-15 fast motors to utilize the efficient 65mm gemfan or parrot props, and allows for an excellent power to weight ratio. The skirting has been perfectly designed to accept either the FX camera/vtx 25mw combo or a separate camera and video transmitter for those requiring higher power.


Whats included in the kit:

- 116mm size Mosquito Brushed Edition 1mm Carbon Fiber Frame

- Sleeve   with camera mount for FX797T 

-  TPU/rubber  Motor Mounts

-  Mounting Screws and nuts


Whats needed to complete the build:

- Scisky Flight controller or any FC that has  a dimension of 30.5mm by 30.5mm .Maximum Allowed is    32x32mm if not using the sleeve.

- 8.5mm Brushed Motors 

- FX797T FPV camera/vtx combo

- JST plug for lipo

- Gemfan 65mm props or Hubsan 55mm props.

- This setup will have a 43-45g. weight  no lipo.


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