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Kosho コショウ A true 1S Tiny Whoop size Nano Quad

Kosho コショウ A true 1S Tiny Whoop size Nano Quad

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    After some extensive testing with different frame size and design  i finally came out with this Kosho frame.  It's a 64mm size nano quad that takes advantage of the new 16x16 FC,  4 in1 ESC and crazy small BR0703 rushless motors. The quad if properly built is extremly stable in the air with little to no drifting even if you fly it  on Angle or horizon auto levelling mode. Thanks to Tomoquads unique softmount design called " Floating FC design" (see pic) it filters all high frequency vibrations coming from the motors and props  making it ultra stable in the air  much like the Tiny Whoops excellent flight characteristic. Dont be fooled by so called softmount where the screws/standoffs still passes from the frames to the FC  as they are not effective in filtering vibrations. Vibration is the number one problem on nano quads where the motors are mounted too close to the FC making the FC's gyro to work hard in filtering unwanted vibration, this vibration makes your quad to drifts and decreases  flight time. 



    What makes it better than others?

    - Disc Shape frame design makes the frame more rigid yet light

    - 1.5mm full carbon fiber body including the propeller guards

    - Floating FC design (softmount). FC is totally isolated from the frame eliminates drifting and twitching

    - Can be flown with or without propeller guards

    - No ugly extended arms that connects the prop guards.  Looks more like a proper nano quad without guards

    - Comes with battery holder.

    - Camera mount is made of strong Nylon Filament

    - Able to use a bigger props  like the more efficient Hubsan Tri-props

    - Flight times of up to 5min on 200mah 1s Tiny Whoop lipo

    - Weight:  21g.without prop guard , 26g with prop guard 32g AUW with 200mah 1S lipo.


    What parts do i need  for this build?

    16x16 Size Flight Controller like the  F3D8 Flight controller or similar   ***

    16x16 size  4A 4in1 ESC like the Racestar Star4 ESC

    BR0703 15000KV Brushless Motors

    25mw AIO Camera  like the CM275T click here

    40mm Rakon Heli props or similar.   /  Hubsan Triprops for non propguards flying or need taller 20mm m2 standoffs

    Micro Losi battery plug

    250-280mah 1s lipo same as the one used on hubsan H107c  click here

    Frsky Rx is built-in to the FC  

    NOTICE: Some BR0703 motors have longer screws that can hit and touch the staro wires damaginf the motors. File the end before mounting.



    *** All credit goes to the orginal designer  , you read read his blogs and projects  at



    Use ELF 3.2.0 Betaflight Flight controller if you want to use your own RX   Click here

    Smallest RX of your choice if using the above FC.


    Most parts can be purchased  on Banggood , , and


    Whats included in the kit? 

    1pc. 1.5 CF mm main plate

    1pc. 1mm CF battery plate

    1pc. 1.5mm CF Prop guard

    2pcs.  3D Printed Alloy 910 Nylon Camera mount (black or white depending on stock and using the strongest Nylon 910 filament)

    2mm screws and standoffs

    5pcs. 3D printed flexible special softmouts **

    5pcs. 3D printed flexible spacer **

    2pcs. 3D printed flexible battery holder. **

    ** 3D printed flexible parts can be Black, Red or Neon Green



    Show me a flight video!



    Promotional video.


    Build Video



    Checkout the Video of this amazing Tiny Whoop killer!



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