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Kenji 95 V.2 Convertible True Indoor/Outdoor Frame *On Sale*

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V2 now have better frame cutouts making it lighter and still maintains it rigidity . The new camera pod is now similar to the Tomoquads Swift  which is lighter, stronger and and aesthetically  pleasing than the V1. 


The Kenji is designed to be a  true indoor / outdoor micro quad that you can mount the included prop cage which makes it perfect for indoor flying ,  then if your ready for some fast outdoor flight just simply remove the prop cage and your ready to do some fpv racing. Its a 95mm micro quad that take advantage of the RX2535W props no cutting or trimming needed so you never lose any thrust and the result is a fast and very manuverable quad and flies great even with the default Betaflight PID settings!


Why you want this:

It's a 2 in 1 quad

Uses uncut 2535 propellers

very light frame

A true indoor and outdoor quad

Camera is fully protected by the standoffs and CF plate

Carbon Fiber ESC cover

Free to dowload custom 3d printed camera mount for the 200mw tx02 aio camera


Whats included:

3K full carbon fiber frame with 2mm arms and 1.5mm prop guards and 1mm accesory plate.

Screws and standoffs


Parts needed to complete the build:

- 1103 Racestar brushless motors ( only good without the prop guards)  or 1104 - 1105b brushless motors (perfect with the prop guards installed)

- 6A Racestar or Cicada Blheli-S ESC (for 1103 only)  or  XM10A 10A ESC or the new Little Bees 20A BLheli-S ESC 

- 25mw to 200mw AIO camera

- RX2535W quad props or the FuriousFPV 2535

- Piko BLX F3 Flight cotroller  ONLY

- XT30 or JST with minimum 20AWG  wires lipo connector

- lemonRX dsmx or frsky micro receiver 

- might need a right angle micro usb cable


All orders will now get the newer revision 2 with improved frame cutouts that is lighter and stronger than the V1.   V2 also have the new CF pod that will look similar to the Swift and is tiltable. Pictures will be updated soon. 


 FREE to download 3D printed accesories:

Camera mount for TX02

 Click Here


Motor Guards


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