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Hotaru 49 蛍 Worlds Smallest Tiny Whoop Nano Quad

Hotaru 49 蛍 Worlds Smallest Tiny Whoop Nano Quad

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  • HOTARU 49 

    Worlds Smallest Brushless Nano quad!



    49mm MTM size

    1.5mm main body full carbon fiber frame

    1mm carbon fiber  bottom battery plate


    What are the features?

    Frame inclding standoffs, screws, nuts and 3d prints is only 5g.

    Using floating FC design to absorb vibration coming form the motors and props

    Floating FC design helps filter vibrations giving you a clear vibration free FPV view. 

    TPU battery holster 

    Uses tough Nylon and TPU 3d printed parts 


    Whats comes with the Kit?

    1pc Carbon Fiber main plate

    1pc Carbon Fiber bottom camera plate

    1 sSet of TPU spacer , battery holder and Vibration dampener for the floating FC design

    1pc. Nylon or TPU printed camera mount/holder.

    Set of 2mm screws, nuts and rubberband


    What parts do i need  for this build?

    16x16 Size Flight Controller like the  F3D8 Flight controller or similar   ***

    16x16 size  4A 4in1 ESC like the Racestar Star4 ESC

    BR0703 15000~20000KV Brushless Motors 

     25mw AIO Camera  like the CM275T click here

    31mm Tiny Whoop  props or similar.  

    1.25mm Micro JST connector

    200~250mah 1S lipo (inductrix lipo with 50c+ rating)

    Frsky Rx is built-in to the FC  

    NOTICE: Some BR0703 motors have longer screws that can hit and touch the staro wires damaginf the motors. File the end before mounting.




    *** All credit goes to the orginal designer  , you read read his blogs and projects  at


    Downloadable 3D printed parts.



    FLight and Build videos.



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