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CSX Komodo Dragon コモド Racing Frame V1.1 **SALE**

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CSX Komodo Dragon コモド Racing Frame V1.1 **SALE**

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CSX (CS -Chopstick X - treme ) or better known as the Komodo Dragon


Following the success of the Chopstick Series  (CS110 and PredatorX)  we decided to make another racing frame that will take advantge of the bigger more powerfull motors from 1306 all the way to 1707 brushless motors.  Tagged as the Xtreme series, this frame will have a more thicker main plate and top plates, carefully placed cutouts makes for even  lighter  frame but still keeps  its rigidity.   2 top plates will be provided (see pic) for use with the Runcam Swift Mini or the AIO camera for  an even lighter build. 2 horizontally mounted  CF plate to protect the  camera from damage from crashes but also add a unique look to the quad. 


What are the difference between Chopstic Series and Xtreme CS Series?

Chopstick series like this CS110 and PredatorX  are meant to be light and fast,designed for the more efficient motors like the 1104-1304. They are smaller and less intimidating than its bigger brother  yet it's fast and able to compete  with the big boys.  If you are more into small and light quads then this is the frame for you.

X-treme Series Chopstick frames are bigger and heavier for use with bigger motors from 1306-1707 . These frames are tougher due to its thicker plates needed due to its bigger heavier motors.  This frame is for  people who dont mind having a bigger micros that are capable of using the bigger 4S lipos and bigger CCD cameras.  


Changes on V1.1

slightly wider arms and wider motor mount for better rigidity

slightly longer overall body for easier mounting for your components

M2 and M3 holes to support a wider varety of 20x20 FC/ESC


What are the features?

4mm Full Carbon fiber main plate 

Perfect X frame design

2 Top plates are included for 2 type of 4camera

Very light @ 25g CF plate (hardwares not included)

Comes with 3D printed motor guards 

140size Micro  Quad  for use with 3" propeller

Camera are fully protected with the unique 2mm horizontally mounted plates

Elimitates prop wash thanks to the thin arm design 


Whats Included?

1pc -4mm main Carbon fiber plate with straight weave cut

1pc - Top plate for use with the Camera CF guard plate and Runcam Swift Mini

1pc - Top plate designed for AIO camera likethe TX02

2pc - CF camera guard plates

Now with TPU ( flexible )3D Printed accesory parts !

Nylon Hardwares - no need to use this on V1.1


What parts do i need to complete the build?

1104, 1105, 1106, 1304, 1306 and 1407 brushless motors

12A (for 1306 motors) or higher  20X20  4in1 ESC M3  eg: Racestar 12A 4 in 1 Dshot

20x20 size Flight Controller (some have built-in OSD or RX )

3" propellers

Runcam Mini CCD camera or AIO camera (lighter build)

Micro Receiver (Frsky/Spektrum)

Micro VTX like the VTX03 or similar (no need if you will use AIO camera)

XT30 or XT60 Lipo plug



 FREE to download 3D printed parts for V1 only


3D printed parts for V1.1 only



 Flight Video


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