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CS110 V2.1 Racing frame Chopstick Series

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So you want a fast micro that can keep up with the minis then this might be the one for you from it's thick 3mm main plate  to its teardrop shape top plate you know it means business .  Arms was designed to be narrow but with thicker 3mm plate for better airflow, less drag and minimizes prop wash.  There result is a well balanced micro quad that flies great even at the default betaflights PID settings.  This quad screams even on 2S lipo guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


What are the difference between CS Chopstic Series and Xtreme  Series?

Chopstick series like this CS110 and PredatorX  are meant to be light and fast designed for the more efficient motors like the 1104-1304. They are smaller and less intimidating than its bigger brother  yet its fast and able to compete  with the big boys.  If you are more into small and light quads then this is the frame for you.

X-treme Series Chopstick frames are bigger and heavier for use with bigger motors from 1306-1707 . This frames are tough due to its thicker plates essential because of its bigger and heavier motors.  This frame are for  people that dont mind having a bigger micros that are capable of using the bigger 4S lipos and CCD cameras.  



What are the Features?

3mm. thick full CF main frame

1.5mm. top plate

Low profile to reduce drag

Supports variety of AIO camera

Very light at 14g  includes the screws and standoffs

3D Printed guards, camera mount and antenna mounts are included.

Fast even on 2S lipo.


Whats included?

2pcs CF frame

Screws, nuts, standoffs and battery strap.

2 pcs flexible ESC/FC  standoff for your cidada 10A 4 in 1 ESC , helps reduce vibration and protects the ESC/Fc from damage due to mounting

3D printed  NEW STYLE Camera mount see pic. , motor guards, Antenna mount with new buzzer mount added.


Recommended Parts:

1104-1105B -1106  brushless motors

Piko BLX flight controller or similar with 20x20 mounting holes

4 in 1 10A Cicada ESC

AIO camera like the TX02 or TX03

Micro receiver of your choice

RX2535W 2.5" props or similar

JST or XT30 lipo plug

300-500mah 2S lipo or go faster with 500-600mah 3S


Optional Parts:

Innova VTX with OSD might need a 20-25mm standoff to fit

Mini 170 degree camera

Micro buzzer



Test flight video:


More videos coming!


Downloadable 3D printed accessories 

For CS110 V2.1 only

For CS110 V1 and V2 only






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