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FS98 - Slingshot V2 Ultra Light Nano Racer

FS98 - Slingshot V2 Ultra Light Nano Racer

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Tomoquad's once again raises the bar to new heights in the Nano quadcopter scene, by bringing you the Tomoquad's FS98 Slingshot Ultra Light nano Racer. This blistering little frame will slingshot your Nano Quad obsession to new heights while allowing you to use a wide choice of motor combinations. You can even convert the frame for using brushed motors! What are you waiting on ? It is 8G with hardware! Get your Slingshot on, and discover what it is like to fly the best ultra light Nano on the market!

Tomoquads "Where innovative designs bring performance" 


What are the features?

Size: 98mm MTM

Weight: CF=3g , 8g with hardware. (tested weight of 25g. fully built no lipo)

Supports 3 screws BR0703, BR0705 and 4 screws BR1103, BR1103B 1102 brushless motors

Slide-in camera mount.

Can be converted to a brushed frame ( see link below)


Whats included?

1pc. 1.5mm carbon fiber main plate

1pc. 1.5mm carbon fiber top plate

1pc. camera mount

2pc. TPU FC/ESC spacer (colors may vary depending on stock)

1pc 3D printed accent plate (colors may vary depending on stock)

Set of M2 nylon hardware


What parts do i need to build this kit?

Recommended Racestar  BR0705 or optional BR1103/B , 1102 brushless motors

16x16  Flight controller

16x16 . 4 in 1 ESC . 4~6A (higher amp needed for 1103 motors)

Micro Receiver but most are built-in to the flight controller

AIO Camera preferable the light 25mw version

Recommend  Walkera Lady Bird 56mm push-in props or Hubsan 56mm props

300~500mah 1S lipo 


Note: This frame is cut to order so please allow up to 3 days before shipping.


 Video coming soon!


Free to download 3D printed parts



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